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In our restaurant we offer a huge range of regional, seasonal, and international specialties. You can choose between light dishes, rustic meals, and vegetarian food. Also, we have a broad choice of food for diabetics and allergists, which corresponds with their wishes and needs. Just talk to us. Every season we have different culinary activities with delicious regional, European and international specialties.

Pleasant and cheerful

Savor in the Restaurant and on the outside patio

In our comfortable and at the same time elegantly furnished restaurant we offer seating for up to 56 people. Enjoy the specialties from kitchen in wonderful atmospere by candlelight, as a pair, in a group or just book the whole restaurant. When the weather is nice, you also have the option to sit outside on our big patio and enjoy the warm breeze whilst having a beer or wine, coffee or a meal. Well protected through umbrella’s and plants it is perfect to stand up to the warmth.