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Experience with us .......

  • "Guided City Tour"

    With a local tour guide including a visit to the Zeven monastery, Christinenhaus and/or the Zeven fire department museum, followed by coffee and original Zevener Himmelstorte (Heavenscake).

  • "Guided Bike Excursion"

    Various bike route‘s in and around Zeven (for example the „Mühlentour“ - tour of the mill‘s , „Auf den Spuren der Nonnen“ - following the tracks of the nuns) with a colorful picknick outdoors. Followed by rustic Fried Potatoe and northern german specialties meal in in the evening.

  • "Zevener Kartoffelschälmeisterschaft"

    Covered wagon ride, a welcoming schnaps, coffe and Buttercake in a historic mill, followed by the potatoepeeling competition. Followed by a PotatoeBuffet and prize-giving in the evening.

  • "Forest walk with expert guide"

    Acquisition of a „Forest-Diploma“. Grillbuffet as dinner, depending on the weather either outside in the „Grosse Holz“ (Big Forest) or in our house (Transfer to/from the hotelpossible).

  • "Canoeing"

    On the Oste (approx. 4 hours) including drinks, coffee and buttercake. If neccessary we will equip you with dry clothing (Transfer to/from Hotel possible).

  • "Golf Trial Course"

    75 minutes with a golf professional from the Golf School David Bunce, who will try to show you the facination of Golfing.

  • "Low German Evening"

    A solo entertainer, that will present you an amusing evening. Buffet with northern german specialties from Zeven and the surrounding area.

  • "Excursions"

    For example in the artist villages of Worpswede and Fischerhude (approx. 30 Km), Bremen (approx. 45 Km), Hamburg (approx. 65 Km), Bremerhaven (approx. 75 Km), Lüneburger Heide (approx. 50 Km), Vogelpark(Birdpark) Walsrode (approx. 55 Km) and, and, and......

Places of interest

Located between the Heide and North Sea, Hamburg and Bremen, Zeven is known as the „Green Gateway to the North“ and is the perfect home base for tour groups, private guests, biking excursions or for business travelers.

Midtown Zeven

Amidst our city many opportunities are provided, to help arrange an enjoyable and varying leisure time. For example the city gallery, „Christinenhaus“ with alternating exhibitions. This was named after the swedish Queen Christine who supposedly stayed the night here on a trip to Rom. Various concert and theater recitals await you in the Rathaussaal, and the museum monastery Zeven which are accomodated in the former benedictine convent, and are well worth a visit. Next to the romanesque vaulted cellar and baroque wall paintings from convent times, you will find a collection of history, documents about monastery and local chronicles, folkloric department as well as a jury hall with changing exhibitions. A particular mention is given to the Hans- Müller-Brauel-Zimmer and it‘s library, in which the memory of the local historian is cherished.

In our fire department museum, which is conducted with dedication and love through the voluntary members of this club, you will find an exhibition which documents the development of firemanship from the fire extinguishing pail up to the vehicle. Surely there will be the one or other detail of interest to you, and maybe we were able to awaken your imagination and will soon be able to greet you in the city by the woods. That would be our particular pleasure!