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Since 1829 the Paulsen family has been at home on Meyerstrasse 22 in Zeven. In 1832 the former owner Gerd Warneke got the permit to serve wine, but only to people who were not sitting at tables. Furthermore he was not allowed to hold dances or other festivities that included alcohol. But in 1885 the company, which was mainly organized agriculturally, received an extended concession. Johann Friedrich Paulsen who was the husband of Gerd Warneke´s granddaughter was the first to be called innkeeper. After World War II, Friedrich Paulsen, his grandson, established the first guestrooms, which laid the foundation of our hotel.

By now the Hotel Paulsen possesses more than 38 rooms with 65 beds, a restaurant, a bar and lounge, and five functional rooms for family festivities, receptions, seminars and conferences for up to 100 persons.

About 30 employees as well as the 6th and 7th generation of our family take care of your wellbeing.